Meet Our Team

  • Marc Laudonio
    Medical Director & Practice Owner

    Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Marc D. Laudonio worked at Sea World of Orlando where he was involved with animal education, care, conservation, and the rescue of sick and injured marine animals prior to becoming a veterinarian. Also while living in Orlando, FL, he volunteered at the Audubon Society working with injured raptors, fostering an interest continued to this day.

    Dr. Laudonio attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, earning his DVM in 1998. His senior clinical year was spent at the University of Minnesota, where he learned how much he would rather live in a warmer climate! After spending some time working in and around New York City, where he learned both small-town and fast-paced city medicine, Dr. Laudonio moved to Tucson with his wife, Vita.

    Dr. Laudonio has practiced in Tucson since year 2000, and has furthered his knowledge of general medicine, advanced dentistry, critical care, exotics care, and emergency medicine, and is passionate about all types of surgery including soft tissue and advanced orthopedics. He is a member of several veterinary organizations, including: American Veterinary Association (AVMA), Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (AZVMA), Southern Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA), American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

    When not caring for various animal species, he enjoys many hobbies and interests, some of which include automotive restoration and fabrication, aviation, gardening, hiking, mountain biking and the great outdoors. He spends most of his leisure time enjoying being with 'a la famiglia,' meaning 'with the family.' At home the Laudonio's currently have three canine companions, two feline companions, a guinea pig and a hedgehog, with whom they share their lives.

  • Audrey Siegrist
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Audrey Siegrist joined the Acacia team in August of 2015. She advanced her experience with an internship at a busy emergency practice in Tucson, right after graduating from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. During this internship, she worked with most all species of companion pets, as well as, wildlife and zoo animals. Calling Tucson home, she started working in local private practices caring for companion pets of all kinds; with a special interest in Avian and Exotic pets. Passionate about providing the most progressive care to her patients, she has sought out advanced training in diagnostic and surgical care of exotics.

    Her impressive credentials include active membership in the following organizations: Association of Avian Veterinarians, American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, American Tarantula Society, Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians, and American Veterinary Medical Association. She also has been a staff veterinarian at Tucson’s own Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, since 2009.

    When not practicing medicine, she enjoys riding her horses and spending time with her husband and her babies, which range in a variety of species from cats and dogs to horses and reptiles.

  • Jen Becker
    Associate Veterinarian
    I love coming to work everyday! Ever since I started working here at Anderson Veterinary Clinic I have been reading and learning as much as I can about pet health and well being. Now my pets and I are living a healthier life and can pass my knowledge and experience to other families so they too can discover wellness!
  • Michelle Coverdill
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Michelle Coverdill joined Acacia Animal Hospital in July 2016. She was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and earned her Bachelor's degree at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She then went on to receive her Master's Degree and DVM from the University of Florida. Prior to veterinary school she worked as a technician for almost 10 years. After graduating veterinary school she practiced at a busy three-hospital small animal practice group in Gainesville, for two years. She recently moved to Tucson to join her husband who has been here for the past year.

    Dr. Coverdill has a particular interest in internal medicine, urgent care, exotics, surgery, and integrative medicine, including laser therapy and rehabilitation. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their 'kids,' which include three dogs, a cat, a tortoise, and about 20 snakes! In her free time she loves reading, baking, running, photography, hiking, and traveling.

  • Brendan DeSmet
    Hospital Manager

    Brendan left the corporate world to begin working with animals as a career back in 1998. After being employed as an adoptions counselor and in training the volunteers at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for about three years, he moved into the veterinary field where he could be more directly involved in medicine and surgical practice. Having been a senior technician in a large emergency and exotics veterinary hospital for many years, he then eagerly joined Dr. Laudonio in his dream to begin a brand new practice. Accepting the challenge of managing a new start-up and taking it into the future, Brendan has been here since the very start in 2010.

    Brendan is a member of VECCS (Veterinary and Emergency Critical Care Society), of AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association), and he continues to work with local animal rescue/welfare groups. In the past he has served as co-organizer of the Veterinary Food Drive for the Tucson Community Food Bank, on the organizing committee for the Tucson Canine Classic, and on the Board of Directors at the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter. Currently, he is an organizer with SPEAK, a local animal rights organization. He shares his home with his rescued dogs, PJ and Bubba, enjoys vegan cooking, volunteers on behalf of the local homeless community, and listens to all sorts of music in his 'spare' time.

Veterinary Technicians

  • Natasha
    Technician Supervisor

    Natasha has been a Tucson resident since 2003. She attended the Univeristy of Arizona where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medicine with a Minor in Chemistry. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2008, both as a veterinary technician, and as a customer service representative, and joined the Acacia family in 2011. In addition to the MANY animals that she has met and loved over the years, Natasha has her own furry family. Her rescued basset hound is Princess 'Goosehound' Leia and her two formerly stray cats are named Coupe de Ville and Vee. She also loves her rescued and rehabilitated chameleon, Trogdor, her leopard gecko, Belinda, and her Savannah Monitor, Crocodilly. Aside from her passion for the four legged, winged, furry, and scaly, Natasha loves to read, watch movies, listen to music, and travel.

  • Ruby

    Ruby is a graduate of  the Pima Community College Veterinary Technician program, joining Acacia in mid-2014. She is always working to expand her knowledge on all things furry, scaly, and in-between. In her spare time she enjoys eating, reading, camping and binge-watching Netflix. She loves her adopted cat, Marla.

  • Kate

    Kate has lived in Tucson since 2012. She attended the University of Arizona and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Science with Minors in Biochemistry and Special Education (she is also fluent in American Sign Language). She has worked with animals the past four years, and joined Acacia's team in late 2016, excited to gain more experience in a busy practice. Ultimately, her career goal is to attend veterinary school and become a DVM herself. Her menagerie currently consists of felines and fishies, but she has had birds, reptiles, dogs, and other small animals in the past.

  • Hannah

    Hannah moved to Tucson in August, 2016, to join the Acacia team. She is originally from southern New Hampshire, and attended the University of Vermont where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences. Hannah has traveled all over in the past few years to follow her passion for animals and conservation, including South Africa for a year to work at a predator reserve. She and her partner are loving life in Tucson, along with their cat Miss Moose and their new foster cat, Cholla. In her spare time she loves exploring and hiking the Tucson area. Hannah has already learned so much from her various experiences, and she is excited to expand her knowledge even more.

  • Daniel

    Daniel was born in Tucson, and is currently attending the University of Arizona with a major in Veterinary Sciences. His love for animals has always been prominent, but he didn't truly want to become a Veterinarian until he volunteered at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. From there, Daniel continued to volunteer throughout Tucson until he landed an internship and a shadowing opportunity in 2013 at the Reid Park Zoo. Proceeding the internship, Daniel began his career in the veterinary field. Eventually, Daniel was hired at Acacia Animal Hospital in the fall of 2015, where he hopes to become as adept as possible in the veterinary field before applying to vet school. Daniel keeps his options open, but he has strong interest in zoo, avian, canine, and aquatic animal medicine.

Customer Service Representatives

  • Kelly

    Ever since I was little I knew that caring for animals is what I wanted to do. I started as an assistant in Littleton, Colorado, eventually making my way up to supervisor of the boarding kennels. I was absolutely in love with my job but I wanted to further my horizons. So, the hubby and I packed up and moved to Tucson in May 2016 and although most people don't understand why I would move to the desert, I have fallen in love with Tucson. I love exploring the art all over the city, trying new restaurants, and hiking through the beautiful mountains. I have 2 cats, Matilda and Nala, and a gorgeous pup, Ginger. My furry babies are a large part of my life, and I am very excited to expand my knowledge in the veterinary field, especially with exotics.

  • Summer

    After high school, Summer went to school for massage therapy, but eventually decided follow her passion for helping animals and started working with them in 2006. She has worked in the field ever since that time, mostly as a customer service supervisor, with some cross-training as a technician. She joined the Acacia team, and reunited with Dr. Siegrist, with whom she had worked at another practice, in August of 2015. Summer shares her home with her husband, Chance, her daughter, Autumn, and her fur-babies; Mylee the cat, Rex the dog, and Hobo the box turtle.


  • Aileen

    An army brat, I was originally born in Germany before moving to Arizona where I have stayed ever since. In 2015 I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Veterinary Science, but I hope to broaden my knowledge here at Acacia. In the future I have plans to return to school and pursue a Masters degree in parasitology. At home, I have one corgi 'dog-ter' named Ani, and two Rottweiler nephews, Bert and Ernie, whom I love to pieces. When I'm not working I also enjoy making maps and cartography, playing dungeons and dragons, and trying new crafts. 


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  • "Woke up on Saturday and my dog wasn't feeling well was having a problem with her ear. Even though she isn't a patient there, I called Acacia and they got her in for an appointment 45 minutes later. The vet tech and the vet were both super kind and gentle with her and answered all my questions. Will definitely put this place on my speed dial!"
    Reggie V.