General Surgery

Our hospital is well-equipped to perform most minor and major surgical procedures from spay and neuter operations to more complicated emergency, dental, and soft tissue surgeries.

Prior to surgery, each patient receives a thorough physical examination to identify any existing medical conditions that might endanger your pet's health. Because not all problems can be detected on examination, we also strongly encourage pre-anesthetic blood testing. These tests not only give us a more complete picture of your pet's health, but allow us to tailor an anesthetic protocol that is specific for your pet.

We offer a wide variety of anesthetic options specifically designed to meet your pet's individual needs. We use state-of-the-art anesthetic machines offering isoflorane anesthesia, and place an IV catheter for fluid therapy and support during each procedure. We also utilize electronic pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring and EKG, as well as hands-on monitoring by trained technicians on all anesthetized patients to ensure a smooth anesthetic procedure.

Pain management is an important part of our pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative anesthetic and medical approach. All surgical patients including those undergoing routine procedures such as ovariohysterectomy or castrations (spay or neuter) receive pain control medications. We urge you to discuss operative pain management options with our staff.

We treat each patient as if they were one of our own pets, and take safety and efficiency to heart. You are encouraged to ask questions, and tour our facility to become more familiar with the high standard of care we have to offer here at Acacia!


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  • "Woke up on Saturday and my dog wasn't feeling well was having a problem with her ear. Even though she isn't a patient there, I called Acacia and they got her in for an appointment 45 minutes later. The vet tech and the vet were both super kind and gentle with her and answered all my questions. Will definitely put this place on my speed dial!"
    Reggie V.